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SQA Mandarin Services

Drama, Singing, Dancing, Art/Painting





Simplified Chinese Classes



         Beginners Class: for true beginners and young children.

         Intermediate Class: For children with reasonable background and/or with several years of learning experience.

         Advanced Class: For children about Secondary age and with advanced Chinese language skills.

         Chinese (Adults) Class: Language class for members of local community who wish to know more about Chinese culture, in order to travel to China for business or pleasure.


Ms Shimei Wang

Ms Ximming Fu

Ms Yunfang Liu

Ms Xiaoping Gray

Ms Coco Li

Ms Lin Wang



Chinese Drama Classes

Within this class, there are pupils from different backgrounds. Teacher Ms Lee adopts appropriate approaches to the teaching of Chinese drama, singing, dancing, poem reading, etc.


s Ling Lee




SQA Mandarin Services

a)    SQA Mandarin Revision Classes

b)   Marking and undertaking assessments including Talking Performance.

Our school prepares candidates in sitting SQA exams of different levels including N4, N5, Higher and Advanced Higher in Mandarin Chinese.

a) SQA Mandarin Revision Classes

Our school offer classes to prepare candidates for sitting SQA Mandarin exams at all levels.


Over the past ten years, we have achieved excellent results of Chinese exams. Until this year, every single pupil of ours was awarded an A pass and all at the upper band.


b) Units Assessments & Talking Performances

Our school is referred by SQA to mark Units assessments and carry out Talking Performances at all levels. Marking results are posted in a sealed envelope to mainstream schools from Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus or Moray.


All the candidates we have been supporting are from different secondary schools across Scotland. Higher/Advanced Higher in Chinese has become one of the five subjects for many candidates who are enabled to enter universities in both Scotland and England.




Chinese Dance Group




Arts Classes

Currently the school is offering art classes to meet the needs of different levels.

Art Classes start off with charcoal and pastel in the first term. In the second and third terms, pupils do classical Chinese brush painting by using the traditional system originated by the Ming dynasty scholar Chen Ji Ru. Pupils will learn to draw the plum, the bamboo, the orchid and the chrysanthemum, which embody all the main strokes needed.

Ms Lin Wang



Adult Singing Classes are running on Saturday while Child Singing Classes/Choir are running on Sunday.

These classes will formally start in the middle of November 2011. Details will be publicized in due course.


Ms Alice Chong




Chinese Dance


This Dance Group is learning different Chinese dances each Saturday. Students come from different places in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Teacher Ms Bai taught this group at the beginning. She had a wide range of teaching experience in both China and Scotland. Patient and enthusiastic, Ms Bai was always loved by her students of different levels.


Ms Yan-fen Bai (极乐鸟):




极乐鸟 感言

aturday (usually from 1200 to 1600)


To promote the Chinese culture, Ms Bai has donated the following dancing items to Aberdeen Chinese School: 汉族秧歌服装(8套),舞扇(8把), 宫扇(5把),手绢(8条),长绸(2条,5X 2,光碟(2片)


Teacher (subject to changes for different terms):

Ms Yan-fen Bai

Ms Xiaokui Li