******SQA - Scottish Qualification Authority ******

Mandarin (simplified Chinese)


We are providing two services:

a)   SQA Mandarin Revision Classes

b)   Marking Mandarin NABs and doing Speaking Tests at all levels


a) SQA Mandarin Revision Classes are open to candidates of SQA Mandarin exams at all levels.


In Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Moray, our school is the only school providing SQA Mandarin services. Each year we receive lots of referrals made by SQA, Education Scotland and different mainstream schools to prepare pupils in sitting SQA Mandarin exams at all levels.


Our experienced teachers prepare the tailored services to meet the needs of different candidates, covering all the themes and topics required by SQA. Over several years, every single pupil of ours was awarded an A pass and all at the upper band.


NABs of all levels are to be finished by the end of April. Advanced Higher Speaking and Folio Essays (external assessments) are to be arranged at different times.


Once registered, candidates are expected to attend relevant classes regularly.


b) Mandarin NABs and Speaking Test

Candidates can register at their mainstream school and do the NABs of Listening, Reading and Writing. We are referred by SQA to mark those NABs and do their relevant Speaking Tests.


Speaking Tests are all dual purpose, i.e. are used for internal and external assessment of speaking. We conduct and assess Speaking Tests internally. Discussions within each Speaking Test must develop from the original topic and theme and continue into at least one other prescribed theme. Performance must all be audio-recorded to be sent to SQA for verification purposes.


For any information about our SQA Programme, please contact Shimei Wang by email shimei.w@gmail.com or by phone 07977406385.