Chairperson : Dr Yong Yang

Head teacher : Ms Shimei Wang

Each year, our school organises two big scale events the celebrations of the Chinese New Year Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival. These events are open to the public, free of charge. Everybody is welcome. For further details, please contact Ms Wang by email: shimei.w@gmail.com or by phone 07977406385.



Mandarin Teacher(s)


Job summary:

         Teaching children of different levels during weekends (usually Sunday from 10am to 4pm) to aim at national qualifications in Mandarin

         Teaching at least one class of pupils from different communities. The number of pupils in a class will depend on the number of pupils enrolled.

         Helping the school organise a wide range of educational, cultural and social talks/events.

         Supporting pupils in participating in national Chinese competitions in Scotland

         Helping the School and Head Teacher organise various activities at the School and in other places in Scotland (if applicable)

         Engaging with other teachers as a member of the teaching staff to run the school smoothly



         a native Mandarin speaker

         relatively good English to communicate with pupils, parents and other stakeholders

         qualification(s)/degree(s) in Education/the Mandarin Language/the English Language

         experience of teaching at schools/universities. Ideal to have the experience and knowledge of teaching Mandarin for qualifications in Scotland/China.

         self-motivated and adaptable with ability to prioritise teaching tasks and outcomes

         a confident, friendly and patient manner, combined with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

         a keen interest in and willingness to relate to people from different backgrounds

         acknowledgement that cultural and social events request not generally normal working hours.


This post is not on the current "shortage occupation" list and does not meet the minimum qualification requirements as issued by the UK Home Office, so it will not qualify for a work permit. Unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from candidates for this post who require a work permit to work in the UK. 

The School is always recruiting new teachers for its pool of teaching staff. The position is likely for an immediate start.