History and Development

Aberdeen Chinese School was founded by Ms Liu Huang and Ms Li Ming in 1991 to promote Chinese language and culture in Aberdeen city and surrounding areas.  For many years, Ms Liping Yan headed the school as a community group.


In 2009, the School developed to be a registered charity in Scotland. As a non-profit organisation, the School is independent of any political body but works in co-operation with SQA, Learning and Teaching in Scotland, local government, mainstream schools and other organizations in the third and private sector. It has received substantial support and sponsorship from Aberdeen City Council. 


The mission of the School is to make Chinese language and culture education accessible to people from different communities. Apart from educational activities, the School also organizes regular different cultural and social activities to provide the Chinese community and other communities with the opportunity to get together and improve mutual understanding. Annual big scale events include Chinese Moon Festival, Chinese New Year Festival and Summer Outing.


The school is closely working with children and young people who have Chinese backgrounds and are experiencing different disadvantages:  language barrier, self esteem, self confidence, aspiration, social networks, new life opportunities or skills.


School Fee Refund Policy

  • Aberdeen Chinese School is a non-profit charity. All the students are expected to make contributions towards relevant teaching fees. You or your child won’t be able to join any class if you are not willing to pay at all.
  • All the tuition fees are paid according to the number of weeks each term. We encourage parents to pay fees by cheque.
  • New students/pupils are welcome to have one free trial class session and one further formal class session to make up their mind. By the 3rd class session, once deciding to take part in the class, students/pupils have to pay the fees in advance on the termly basis; fees will not be refunded for any personal reasons, except the school management decisions such as closures due to the severe weather or teacher's absence. Old students/pupils who attended the school for the previous term, are not treated as newcomers, so the trial sessions do not apply to them.
  • Fees of any classes are not cash refundable. Whenever possible, refundable fees are credit transferred to future classes in the new term. 



School Board:

Dr Yong Yang (Chair)

Connie Walker (Treasurer)

Sarah Zhang  (Secretary)

Alice Chong

Xiaoli Wang

Qing Chow

Dr Xiaochun Gao

Haiying Zhang

Herine Lamb

Jenny Li

Mingxia Zhang


Head Teacher:  Ms Shimei Wang



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